This is just my opinion but, it feels like the quality of driver has steadily decreased in Boise and the Treasure Valley over the past couple years. I noticed it as soon as I moved back. I'm not saying Boise was known nationwide for its excellent motorist, but for the most part, Idaho drivers were easy going and respectful. But today, there seems to be a more stressed, unaware, aggressive driver on the roads. Blame it on whatever you want. Texting, the "California Driver" bringing their notorious bad habits into the area but for whatever reason, drivers have gotten worse, not better. So when I saw KTVB report that ACHD was going to install 50 radar speed signs throughout ADA county, I thought it could only be a good thing.

The signs are meant for feedback, and will not result in any tickets.

We'll see if posting these signs actually make a driver more aware of their speed but whether or not they make changes to their driving habits remains to be seen.

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