Recent headlines about an attempted kidnapping right here in Idaho left us scratching our heads--as we are sure you can understand. A kidnapping in Idaho nearly happened and was caught...on crystal clear camera footage?

Yes, that's exactly what happened and now this Idaho family is sharing it with the public hoping that it will serve as a stark warning to all parents, no matter how attentive they may be.

So, here's what happened...

Video Captures Idaho Child Nearly Being Kidnapped

We can't even believe that this video exists--and we are thankful that this child is safe.

Keep scrolling to watch this chilling video for yourself

We are SHOOK about all of this!! 

Yes, we need to emphasize that the little girl in the video is safe and with her family.

We should also note that the man in the video--the suspect--was caught and is in custody. The man in the video was armed with a knife and according to authorities, the mother of that girl was home at the time, taking care of an infant in the home, and had no idea that intruder was present.

The suspect is 28-year-old Briayan Vergara and was booked on a list of charges:

  • Rape
  • Kidnapping in the second degree
  • Battery with intent to commit a serious felony
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Assault or battery upon certain personnel
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Three counts of Burglary

Police believe that the suspect went to three different residences on or before the same day that this video was taken, as well.

Want to see the video for yourself, you can find it below:

This isn't the first time that a home video camera caught a creepy criminal! 

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