Few words carry as much weight in the City of Boise as these two: "Coach Pete".

You don't even need to be a Boise State fan to know who Chris Petersen is. The low-key man with a contagious smile that lead Boise State to the high level of football that it now lives, made a huge impact on our community. Even when Coach Pete left Boise State, there was no bitterness towards him. He took off to take a huge job at the University of Washington-- a team that would likely be a regional foe for Boise State. Fans here in Boise wished him well and I know many, myself included, that cheered on the Huskies JUST BECAUSE of Coach Pete.

Recent developments at Boise State University COULD mean a return for Coach Pete.  Maybe I'm just dreaming...but tell me I'm wrong: this could be huge.

Could Chris Petersen be the next guy in line?

You may recall that when Coach Pete stepped down from the head coach position at the University of Washington-- he took on an administrative role at the school. He has the skill set and certainly has the name and built in "market equity".

If I'm Boise State, my first phone call is to Chris Petersen.  Is it a long shot? Maybe. But we know this guy is a winner.


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