The following posts regarding events in the Treasure Valley might somehow be the reminiscence of a Hallmark Christmas Movie.

The Grove Plaza in Downtown Boise will be celebrating their tree lighting tradition this Thanksgiving weekend 🎄

I can't promise that the man of your dreams will bump into this Friday night while looking for directions to visit his sick mom for the holidays. I also can't guarantee that a mysterious man will save the tree lighting by fixing the missing light or helping put on a play. Listen, these are all Hallmark Movie plots and I'm pretty sure they keep the same plot with different actors. Let's revisit that in a future blog. It's tree lighting time baby!

The biggest debate is when to light up the tree right? My wife would have that tree up the night after Halloween if I would let her. Some people think it HAS to be after Thanksgiving, PERIOD. Let's put it all to rest and once you're done with shopping roll over the Grove Plaza for a holiday Christmas Tree lighting special hosted by Mayor Bieter and our friends at KTVB.

There will be several vendors on hand including my favorite part of the evening, giving back. Find a tag at the base of the tree with some needed items for the Women's and Children's Alliance Shelters, child care center and facilities. That's reason enough to attend.

Here are a few details and tag me on Instagram @kekeluv with your photos.

  • Downtown Boise Tree Lighting
  • Nov 23, 2018 | 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • Free Event
  • Several vendors on site including the community singing Christmas carols (very Hallmark style!)

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