According to the United States Census Bureau from their 2020 findings, Latinos make up about 13 percent of Idaho's population. In Idaho, however, findings show that the population number may be higher-- remember, the census relies on response. In fact, the Idaho Commission on Hispanic Affairs suggests that in K-12 public schools--upwards of 18 percent of students are Latino.

In our state, like any heritage, the "Latinx" influence is cherished and in a way--it is very influential.

If you didn't know this, we're currently in the middle of Hispanic Heritage Month--an annual celebration that recognizes the contributions, influence, history, culture, and achievements of Hispanic Americans in the United States.

Now, the City of Boise has announced a First Thursday celebration for this month and it will take place on the Plaza of Boise City Hall in the heart of downtown Boise.

Per the release, the City of Boise has planned to feature ballet folklorico, music, dance lessons--and perhaps the best part: food!




In a statement shared by Governor Brad Little via the Idaho Commission on Hispanic affairs:

Hispanic Idahoans play an integral role in our success as a state. They contribute to our economy, enrich our culture, strengthen our communities, and bolster Idaho’s reputation for strong family values.


To learn more about how the commission can be a resource for you, click HERE.

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