One of the most iconic television shows in all of sitcom history aired on NBC--and it ran for a total of 9 seasons. While the show did well on television, its ratings were never particularly massive--until it became a streaming product. For whatever reason, so many viewers came "late to the party"--but we're relieved to know that now, millions enjoy the humor of 'The Office' as much as we do.

Starred by Steve Carell, the show takes place in an American office--a paper company--and the laughs are non-stop if you enjoy dry humor.

What does The Office have to do with the City of Boise? Well--their timely joke paired with a harsh reality here in Boise was appreciated by thousands on Instagram yesterday.

Let's take a look at why Boise Parks and Rec had the most popular Instagram account in town yesterday

Boise Parks and Rec Totally Trolls Residents

They have a point...

If you're an office just get the humor. 

The city was having fun and made a pretty great joke, but they weren't lying. As soon as that sun went up yesterday and the temperatures were warm--everything about the energy in the city changed.





Check out the full video via Instagram reel, below: 


Internet Roasts Boise Music Festival 2023

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The Comments That Roasted Boise Music Festival Online

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