Before I had my drivers license and I was set on having a job at a radio station--way back in the day-- I learned pretty quickly that Boise has a solid public transportation department.  In fact, having several friends that lived in Boise while I lived in Nampa, I even learned it was an easy way for me to get across the Treasure Valley to meet up with them. I was totally that kid and didn't mind hopping on a bus at all.

While people from all over town take Boise's public transportation daily, the City of Boise is hoping that even more will try it out. In fact, they want you to try it so bad...they're paying your Lyft tab to the bus stop. City officials say that they're taking care of up to $6 of your Lyft ride...which may leave an extra $1 or so for some to pay out of pocket, to get to select Valley Transit bus stops.

This pilot program is just launching and it begins on Monday. For more on the program and which bus stops apply, click HERE.

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