Growing up, there were three things I looked forward to in elementary school every day. Those three things were (in order): lunch, P.E., and music class.  Without P.E. to loosen me up and get me outside in a more times than not, competitive Kickball climate, I think I would have dreaded school each day. My P.E. teacher was one of my biggest role models growing up and it was always a relief to get out of the classroom and burn that extra energy. Later in the day of course, was music class. go figure, 12 years later here I am working in a music driven industry. Music and exercise were then and remain now, the most therapeutic things in my life.

For the past 6 years, the Bonneville Joint School District 93 elementary schools have offered no such classes because of funding that was cut. I can't imagine having gone to school without said classes and while this is purely my opinion, I truly wish that didn't need to be the case.

After 6 years, an increase in the district's levy (an increase of $2.8 million) now means that there are funds available to put towards music and physical education at all elementary schools in the district!

I take this as some really great news and I'm sure many students will be excited, too.

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