I'll be honest, I was panicked when the Kmart at Fairview and Five Mile closed last year but I'm glad to see something new coming to the space!

The Fairview Kmart had a special place in my heart.  If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you've probably seen my silly looking cat, Dakota.  He may look super cute, cuddly and above all super fluffy...but he's a jerk.  Kota's got a real affection for chewing through power cords in my apartment: the Kuerig, my lamp, six different MacBook power supplies, you get the picture.  Three years ago, I literally turned my back on him for 5 minutes while I took a shower and what did the little stink do? Chew through the lights on my pre-lit Christmas tree!

Which brings me to why I loved that Kmart so much.  I ended up finding a killer deal through the retailer while I was at work that day.  I ordered it online and the pick-up process after I left the office was super easy.  And so was my next order of yet another new string of lights, because my jerk cat did the exact same thing to my new tree the very next day.

That Kmart closed last year, but the empty 80,000 square foot space is getting some new tenants!  According to the Idaho Statesman, the Idaho Youth Ranch (already located in the plaza on Fairview) is moving down the way to take up 12,600 square feet of the space.  Johnny's Fit Club Fitness and Vector Christian Center will each take a similar size space. Maverick's planning on putting in a new gas station in the existing parking lot as well!

It's unclear when renovations for the new businesses will begin or what will move into the remaining space.


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