With 26-years of consecutive 20-win seasons under their belt--two National Championship appearances in the last five years, and 10 Sweet Sixteen appearances, it's fair to say that Gonzaga University is one of the biggest basketball programs in the nation. The Zags, as they're best known by their fans, have proven that they can hang with the likes of Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina, Baylor and more--time and time again.

Once a "mid-major" or a "cinderella story", the Zags are in a field of their own these days and this weekend, all eyes are on them.

Tucked away on the small, Jesuit campus just minutes from the Idaho border, Gonzaga University is set to host the infamous 'College Gameday' crew for the third time in school history.

The iconic bus and the hosts of the show made their way into Spokane, Washington just yesterday:

Gonzaga Prepares for College Gameday

All eyes will be on Spokane, Washington this Saturday

The energy in the air going into the weekend is unmatched anywhere.

Although it isn't even March yet, every single college basketball game tipping off with ESPN tomorrow will be broken down and announced from Spokane, Washington--right near the Idaho border!

Even if you aren't a basketball fan, you're sure to see some recognizable things on ESPN this weekend, as often times they make their way to our very own Coeur d'Alene to show just how near luxury and nature Gonzaga is.

With basketball in the air, thanks to a successful Boise State team this season, we expect a lot of Boise eyes to be on ESPN's College Gameday!

Gonzaga tips off against their biggest rival, St. Mary's College, at 8:00 p.m.

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