Another curbside bin is set to be dropped off at most Boise homes for a new summer service.  The service is a Boise compost collection effort.

According to KTVB, the new bins that will be dropped off at Boise residences are going to be the same size as your current City-provided trash bins however they will feature a green lid that designated biodegradable items.

Items allowed to be left in your compost bin are those that are obviously, strictly biodegradable. That can include grass-clippings, fruit, vegetables, leaves, coffee grounds and more.

The addition of this bin isn't the only "new" aspect that these respective Boise residents will be seeing--they'll also be seeing an increase in their trash bill. The City of Boise estimates that these trash bills will increase about $3.40.

The City of Boise says that you can opt out of this service as well as customize it for them--such as the size or number of compost bins.  You can make these changes online by clicking HERE. You can also make these changes with a quick phone call to (208) 345-1266.

You might be wondering why this idea for Compost pickup service became a thing. Well, it was discovered by an Ada County research study that nearly 45% of all waste that is being taken to land fills is compostable.  By putting this service into place, officials hope that landfills will see an extended life with less need for area for waste.

Finished compost will be made available to participating customers and city owned parks properties.  Compost bins are to be distributed in June of 2017.

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