Halloween is always a special time to get out and party in the Treasure Valley, and it doesn't always need to be debauchery, either. Yes, "Spooky Season" is real and every single year, thousands of families, adults, and businesses alike get festive in their own ways.

One outside, controversial company is planning on throwing a halloween bar crawl in Boise...from afar. In fact, we aren't sure where they're throwing it from--but their annual sponsored Facebook posts are appearing these days and we want to remind you: there's nothing local or special about this. They go by the name "Crawl With Us".

Similar to the way we warned you months ago about the "Taco Festival Scam" that travels the nation--this halloween bar crawl concept is nothing shy of a scam which encourages Boise area residents to pay them for participation in a crawl involving multiple downtown bars--all of which, are open to the public no matter what.


One user on Reddit posted this evaluation of the group's events: 


There is a facebook organization called Crawl With Us that supposedly organizes bar crawls all around the US. They claim that the tickets get you into all the bars listed without cover (free entry), 2 free drinks, drink specials, and they claim that you MUST purchase a ticket in order to participate in the crawl. On one of their recent posts I witnessed nearly 50 comments be deleted - the theme of these comments was people from cities all over stating that what Crawl With Us advertised was false. All of these people experienced bars not accepting tickets and no drink specials because CRAWL WITH US IS A SCAM.


This is frustrating.

So what can be done this Halloween for interested 21+ partiers? Well, here's a suggestion: just go out and party. On your own. With your friends. Without some company from out of town pretending to know the first thing about our city and our nightlife.

Not to sound salty, but downtown Boise is thriving and there are so many cool locally owned options for bar-goers on halloween-- give that extra money you won't be spending on a non-sense bar crawl to Pie Hole or a hot dog vendor at the end of the night--you're going to need the carbs.


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