Pardoned in 2020 by Donald Trump, Roger Stone has long been a polarizing political consultant and lobbyist. Just weeks ago, the January 6th Committee shared footage of Stone who appeared to have knowledge of the insurrection ahead of time and labeled him as "central" to their investigation.

Now, Roger Stone has something to say about...Idaho?

In a video shared by gubernatorial candidate Ammon Bundy, Roger Stone says that he "likes" Ammon Bundy and is supporting him for governor.


Check out the video for yourself, below: 

Of course, it didn't take long for so-called "Idaho Twitter" to chime in on the endorsement: 




Despite the fact that many on Twitter jumped to attack Bundy for the endorsement video--which some think was a simple "Cameo" request online--support for Bundy in Idaho is loud. Drive around the state and frankly the Treasure Valley and you're going to see a LOT of campaign signs for Ammon Bundy, who is running for governor as an independent candidate.

Interested in what you can see on your ballot, ahead of time? Educated voting is best. Check out this comprehensive guide to Idaho's ballot from the Idaho Statesman, HERE.


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