I consider myself a true "foodie" and Boise does have some great restaurants and cuisine!  So, could we be on the verge of losing a lot of our restaurants?  Seriously!   A big problem in the restaurant industry is a labor shortage in the kitchen!  Does anyone still want to cook?  It's long hours and sometimes doesn't always pay the best, but it can be a very rewarding job.  Is the next generation just totally not into it?

Think about it... if no one wants to become a chef and loves the art of creating amazing dishes for us to eat, when we want to go out and have a special night or we just don't feel like cooking, we might one day show up to a restaurant and a robot is making our pasta or grilling our steak!

However, there's a cool solution coming to Sun Valley!  A new, nonprofit is set to open up next Spring and will help our local restaurant industry with it's next generation of chefs!  The Sun Valley Culinary Institute in Ketchum will graduate around 15 students per year, once it's open. Future chefs can get help with the tuition of $15,000.  Donations help pay for aspiring chefs and SVI also helps place the students with jobs in restaurants.

Maybe you're looking to make a career change or just love food and want to be the next great chef... you can check our their program here...https://sunvalleyculinary.org/

Until then, enjoy the great food scene we have in Boise!



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