I'm not sure what kind of impact these E-Scooters have made on the Uber/Lyft/Taxi community but it's not going away. Welcome to the future and it looks like Meridian will be there this Summer.

E-Scooters are headed to Meridian people! The city voted to put E-Scooters on the streets and are now looking for the right company to host the new scoots!

The Idaho Press reports that the process will take about 97 days and there is a great chance scooters could be coming back to Meridian.

Boise currently has two companies that deploy 250 scooters each with a petition to the city that would allow 500 scooters each. The city of Meridian is accepting applications from only two companies and will choose shortly. There is a small conversation regarding the number of companies to deploy scooters and I think once that is nailed down - you might see scooters back by Summer.

The Treasure Valley isn't necessarily happy about all these scooters cluttering up their streets. I think it's more of a sign in what's to come that has people scared. Change. Difference. Big city. This is just another indication that Boise, Meridian, Nampa, and the surrounding areas are booming - that means change.

It will only be annoying until you need to jump on one of these E-Scooters and need to go somewhere. You might realize they're actually fun!


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