Pride Week in the Treasure Valley is HERE and it is by far one of the best weeks of the whole entire year. I love the message that is involved with pride, and it's really simple: inclusion. I'll never understand the hesitation that some have for an event that is really about INCLUDING everyone in society in every aspect of society.  Boise Pride Festival is this weekend and I'm lucky enough to be a part of a radio station that cares to be involved with the cause. We're all so excited for this major community event.

Orbitz, which you may recognize as a travel website, recently posted up a guide to Pride Season 2019 which includes the "Best LGBTQ Hangouts In All 50 States". One thing about Boise is that there are SO many places in town that are welcoming to the LGBTQ community, I couldn't decide who Orbitz would find as the winner. Then again, despite Boise being the largest city/metro in the state, the winner could be anywhere.

You can see the entire blog for yourself, HERE, but they don't actually include how they came to the conclusions that they did.

As for Idaho, Flying M Coffeehouse was named as THE best hangout. The Balcony Club and Lucky God Tavern are also mentioned, however perhaps Flying M takes the cake because they're an all ages business. Needless to say, I love all 3 places. Orbitz wrote about Flying M, saying:

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a huge gay scene anywhere in Idaho, which leaves the heavy lifting to Boise—the capital and also the state’s largest city. There are a couple of gay bars in town including Balcony and Lucky Dog Tavern, but we say head over to Flying M Coffeehouse, a combination cafe (beans are roasted onsite at a second location in nearby Nampa), bakery and gift shop since 1992. Now under LGBT ownership, Flying M is exactly the kind of hangout a low-key queer community deserves—friendly, inclusive and serving up a mean cup of coffee.


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