COVID-19 numbers are on the rise here in the State of Idaho and in the greater Treasure Valley, as well. No matter your stance on the virus, pandemic, or the politics surrounding the global health issue--the numbers ARE going up and we're hoping, one way or another, to get this under control. Idaho has continued to make national headlines because of the spike in numbers lately.  Leaders from other states, such as Governor Inslee from the State of Washington (and former United States Presidential Candidate) are even speaking up about Idaho--in the case of Inslee, out of concern that full hospitals, particularly in Northern Idaho, will begin impacting things in neighboring states like his own, Washington, or Oregon.

Just announced by Saint Alphonsus Medical Group this morning, a clinic focused ONLY on COVID-19 will be opening up in Boise for those in the community that need care. The hope is to have more care which is NON-URGENT, to be more accessible and to even separate some cases away from larger medical care facilities. Patients here will be seen by providers and can seek care for complications that may even be continuing after initial infection.

The clinic will be open weekdays--Monday through Friday--from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and will be located off of Federal Way and W. Judith Lane.

It's important to note that this clinic does NOT offer testing. Saint Alphonsus is still encouraging you to be tested at drive-up locations at: The Meridian Health Plaza and the Garrity Clinic in Nampa.

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