Coronavirus has now impacted the Treasure Valley and the State of Idaho greatly. I certainly cannot think of another time that life has been this impacted by an event as greatly as this. Especially here in the Treasure Valley. It is so easy to fall into comfort during every day life--we're especially spoiled here in Idaho as even the possibility of natural disaster is minimal.

With all of this going on, I'm now beginning to see on all different platforms of social media and hear from friends of mine right here in the Treasure Valley that landlords are all handling this global health pandemic differently.

A couple of weeks ago, my landlord emailed me and said that they understand the coronavirus pandemic is growing, will eventually be hitting Idaho, and that if I had any rent concerns, to let them know even though their offices would be closed.  In the time that has passed since then, the situation here in the Treasure Valley has intensified. Lucky for me, I've still got a job and making my rent payment next week won't be an issue. I appreciated the invitation to discuss my options with them, though, because you never know if you'll be the next one needing to make that call.

Landlords USUALLY get a bad wrap...who likes paying rent? However many amid this crisis are feeling like those who own property are just getting greedy and showing no humanity. Let's not forget-- rent prices here in the Treasure Valley have SKY-ROCKETED well above fair-market prices simply because of the demand. Should landlords not be willing to show some grace to those who otherwise, have made on-time payments?  Service industry workers who are completely out of work and college students who, due to being dependents on tax forms with their parents, may not received much even from the major stimulus bill that the federal government just passed. We're all feeling a little bit of a pinch.

Not only are residential tenants feeling the pain of this coronavirus pandemic but so too are our local businesses. Let's not forget...we can't go out so they can't make money. Those who are still open can....but certainly not as much.

Local business owner Ted Challenger spoke out via Facebook last night with a screenshot of a property owner showing no understanding:

Businesses, just like us residents, also have rent due, and the cry for help from landlords is only getting louder.

Has your landlord worked with you if you need it? Local officials are encouraging that you hold a lot of communication with them during this crisis if you think you're going to need some assistance.  We want to know what steps your landlord has or hasn't taken in these crazy times.

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