There is a saying that goes something like this... "We always love our family but we don't always like our family". I've heard so many parents complain about how hectic their home lives have become since the pandemic has mandated learning from home. Hybrid learning provided some semblance of relief unfortunately that was short lived for parents and students of the Boise school district.

Starting on November 30th all learning will take place on-line and will continue through the end of the semester which is January 15th. In the meantime students will continue with the hybrid schedule that has been in place. The other disappointing news attached to this announcement is that all athletic and extracurricular activities, practices, and workouts are cancelled as well. In a cbs2 interview board member Beth Oppenheimer said...

"I really think it's unfortunate that the kids are not getting the opportunities to learn inside a classroom or play sports," Oppenheimer added. "This is the impact."

Currently there are about 1500 staff members and students in quarantine. Can you Imagine trying to run an efficient business with that many people out sick? According to Superintendent Coby Dennis " school operations have been greatly affected by the rising cases of coronavirus in the community (including substitute teacher and bus driver shortages)." He continued... "We really need everyone to get healthy right now"

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