Conversations are intensifying around the rules--or lack thereof--when it comes to high school basketball in Idaho.

What's so controversial? Many say that Idaho is far behind the times on setting up our players for success at the next level.

No, we aren't bumping back the 3-point line or making the hoop taller than the standard 10-feet. The drama is all around the fact that Idaho doesn't have a shot clock!

How crucial can a shot clock be? Well--when players are expected to play WITH one at the collegiate level, you would expect that it would be something important in player development, right?

A video with over 100k views on Twitter shows just how PAINFUL a game can be with no shot clock to force the players, to play.

As you can see from that video above, players were literally standing around--for minutes--just to keep the score right where it is at.

The conversation online is far from quiet:

recent article in the Idaho Statesman

Let's get our kids ready for the REAL game!

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