Crow Patrol? No, it's not a remake of the popular kid's TV show Paw Patrol (which I'm assuming my 3-year-old daughter would be enthralled with) Crowl Patrol is an actual job and if you live in Nampa, your city needs you to volunteer. Don't squawk at this job yet, you would be on the front line of protecting your city from tens-of-thousands of crows that converge on the city yearly.

Nampa looking for crow patrol volunteers ahead of an annual invasion
With upwards of 10,000 crows expected to converge on Nampa in the coming weeks, city leaders are looking for help dealing with the unwanted visitors.

I'm assuming a lot of people are going to "flock" to an opportunity like this! Volunteers will be asked to clean up bird droppings which can pose a serious health gizzard hazard if allowed to accumulate. The report also states that the crows may also pose structural damage to trees, buildings, and cars as well.

Interested in volunteering?  Call (208) 468-5411 or email



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