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My friend Diana from Boise Bucket List sent me this text talking about Crush the Curve Idaho that's beginning to trend.

I started searching around and it's definitely making some noise as Treasure Valley businesses have teamed up with each other to get back to work. The goal is to Crush the Curve.

The goal is to get Idahoans back to work and things are ready to open. How do you do this? You need to get tested and approved to get back in business. This new movement is built by groups of businesses and leaders to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 and get you prepared to get back on the job when that time comes.

Crush the Curve Idaho promises to offer COVID-19 virus & antibody testing to anyone in the Treasure Valley. It doesn't matter whether you have symptoms or not. Just take the assessment and get started on your tests. I've spoken to so many people that are ready to businesses back online but it's hard when everyone is afraid to be near each other.

I was reading from and it's a simple read to learn more. Check out one of our favorite Idahoans who made it a point to shout out the event.

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