It's so funny how things change and you look and wonder, "What the hell just happened?" I went out this weekend and saw new businesses open, brand new bars, and the lifestyle has changed.

That last part of the "change" stuff. Has it really changed or is it my life that's different? I went out to watch the Boise State Broncos continue with their undefeated season winning over UNLV Saturday night. I was hanging out with my c-host Kat, Mateo and Mikey Fuentes from Kiss.

Mateo hosts Friday night at Strange Love in Downtown Boise and we rolled over then dropping shots at Roddy's. I wanna say the scene has changed but my wife quickly expressed her opinion that maybe, it's me that's changed.

There was a time when it was me shutting down these clubs, staggering to get grab a hotdog and sometimes walking home from Downtown Boise. I absolutely loved every minute of those crazy nights and even some of those not so fun hungover mornings. My wife could never understand why I loved it so much but it's just something that never leaves me. I love being out with the people but I realized tonight that grabbing a mic, shot of tequila and getting cray might not be my thing anymore.

Photo by: Kekeluv

I guess I'm just a family dude now but that doesn't negate the fact I loved hanging out with listeners watching the game. I ran into a bride and her amazing girlfriends on Saturday night. We were surrounded by greatness and I mean the first responders. It was a bachelorette party, they listen to the show and bought shots...the rest is history. I found more fun in talking to them about how great they were and how they have taken care of our family for years.

I use to hit the clubs to drink, hit a mic and meet girls. I have a great girl now with two of the most adorable kids you could meet. I realized that while we were drinking shots, taking photos, celebrating life it was different. I wasn't trying to date one of these girls and nobody had a motive. We discussed how heroic they are and talked about my family. That was my highlight for the night. I got to hang with some friends, watch catch lose a bet getting bounced from the mechanical bull and ran into some very loyal listeners.

I also realized that this isn't new. I made it home around 3 a.m. last night and I hadn't done that in forever. Oh, I paid the price today no doubt. This really isn't new it's just coming more apparent. I have a video of me in my Jeep rushing home to celebrate New Year's with my wife before both of the babies were born. I still hit the major events but never shut it down because I want to get home. I can't imagine my wife needing me and I'm drunk smelling like a mess in front of our kids. Things have definitely changed and I'm embracing it because I know I'm not alone. It's funny that even with my family away it was them on my mind. Am I grown up?

I'm so glad I got to see so many of our listeners over the weekend and can't wait to see you at El Camino: The Breaking Bad Movie. If you see me out please come up and say hello because it never gets old. I appreciate you just as much as you might appreciate me.

We have our Halloween party and New Year's Eve spots locked down and will be announced shortly. I'll be out with everyone leaving just enough time to be with my little fam. I had a great time and will turn up a bit during the tailgate this weekend. All that said, I might be a happy hour DJ and will leave shutting down the clubs to Mateo and Kat.

Photo by: Kekeluv