keke and kat

Dear Keke and Kat: Found Out My GF Has Secret Job
One thing is right, she's definitely not cheating. Maybe she didn't know how he would react and that's why she kept it a secret. I don't know how I'd feel if I came across a secret like this. It would be hard to get over. Has anyone kept a secret this big from you?
BMF Ticket Stop Saturday!
Saturday! It's supposed to be thunder, maybe lightning, and lots of rain. You don't want to be outside. You want to be inside, working on your summer BMF body. That's why you should come see me at Crunch Fitness in Caldwell from 11-1p! Oh, I'll also be giving away a ton of BMF ti…
Win BMF Tickets at Dennis Dillon Tomorrow!
Boise Music Festival is rapidly approaching! It is actually one month from yesterday. While I prepare by *attempting* to go fully vegan like Beyonce does leading up to her Coachella and major performances, you may be thinking "but I still don't even have my tickets yet!". If that&apos…
Phone Jibba: Personalized Plates
Rick calls Elizabeth to help him decipher what he thinks is a personalized license plate, but it’s just a generic letter and number license plate that doesn’t mean anything.

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