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Idahome: My First Trip to Shoshone Falls
Shoshone Falls has been on my list of things to see since moving here to Boise (six months ago this last weekend!!). My digital guy, Daniel, and I took the couple hour trip to Twin Falls on Saturday to see the falls. It warmed up a lot over the past week, so snow is melting and the falls were raging…
Friday Faves 3/15
To listen to all of these + more of my fresh picks of this week's releases, hit my Friday Faves playlist on Spotify below. You can also search 'kitkatfisher' on Spotify and follow my playlists!

Dear Keke and Kat: My BF Gave Me An STD
Whewwww chile. I would NOT BE HAVING THIS!!! So you mean to tell me.. this man knew he had a sexually transmitted disease, and rather than taking care of it (if it was treatable) and/or letting his girlfriend know, he just.. spread it to her?? And didn't disclose anything??

My First Time at Chippendales
The day I flew into Boise to meet and interview with Keke, he kept telling me about this Chippendales party bus they were going on later that week. And I haven't stopped hearing about these trips since.

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