I'm down for a good cuddle, but I'm pretty picky about who I cuddle with.  Usually it's my boyfriend, call me old fashioned.  Maybe you're in need of some serious cuddles.  The burning question is, are the big spoon or little spoon? LOL

For some though, cuddling is more of a shared experience, and it's more about contact with other people.  One trend nationwide seems to be "Men Cuddling Men".  It's not about gay or straight, it's just about needing contact with other people.  For some, it's also an opportunity to redefine masculinity in 2019.  It's called "Men's Therapeutic Cuddle Groups".  The aim is to help men deal with everything from abuse to the loss of a loved one.

According to the story from Philly.com. One such group in Plymouth has been helping men cuddle for 2 years, with men from sorts of backgrounds from 30-something Mormon airport worker to a 57 year old married father and more. For the group, it's about helping men deal with emotions and a non-sexual contact point.

Not to be confused with professional cuddling services, gaining in popularity across the country with some even here in Boise (called Snuggle Buddiez), where you can pay in upwards of $80-$100 an hour for a cuddle, the Men's Cuddling Groups, don't charge.  It's more about a safe space and place for guys to have contact talk and yes... cuddle.

Guys, are you down to cuddle with other guys?


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