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I've always envied people that can draw. That's just the talented gene I didn't get. My wife can draw pretty much anything with zero effort. Did you ever have that kid in school who could draw Disney characters with their eyes closed?

There is a commercial out that you might have seen and I think it's for Humana. This commercial follows this older man who is running in circles, straight angles, and special curves that kinda makes him look odd. Then the husband comes inside prints off his route and their diagrams. This commercial is called, "Love Notes". Those shapes are hearts ❤️

This is probably the best love art you could give and if I could figure that out - I'd do it! Cyclist Anthony Hoyle from Cheltenham in the United Kingdom is churning out calories with his own take on some pretty awesome art. Pretty festive too Anthony is using an app called Strava.

Hoyte says he lives in the countryside and it's a little different doing it in London but you just kind of end up where you do.

I'll have to try out this Strava app because I'm sure you could design some pretty cool photos in the Foothills here. We definitely live in the best place.

I'll list a link below and please let me know if you try it out!

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