Yesterday's bomb threat in Nampa was a whole lot more than just a bomb threat.  Authorities have now released information about 22-year-old Grant Stevenson who has been charged with terrorism.

Stevenson allegedly vowed to release a deadly nerve agent and set off lots of different car bombings that were connected to a timer and already about to go off.

According to KTVB, the Nampa Police Department received threats from a fake Facebook page allegedly set up by Stevenson that stated a bomb containing sarin gas - an extremely toxic compound used in chemical warfare - had been planted in one of the units in an apartment complex on South Juniper Street.  The Facebook page also stated that the sarin gas was going off in one hour and then five different car bombs powerful enough to level the city of Nampa and well into the Treasure Valley were also set to go off.  Here's a quote from the Facebook page...

We want u to watch as this bomb levels everything in a 400 yard radius fallout from this bomb will carry our deadly agent all across Nampa and into treasure valley.  Do not attempt to stop us my men are already on move and timer is set now.

Stevenson was also using phrases such as "Death To America" and others which are commonly used by Islamic terrorists.

This guy is one sick man. He also allegedly sent out threats to a woman he was angry at in this Nampa area. The threat was to kill her boyfriend and then rape her either that day or the next day.

If you happened to be in the area, you saw how serious authorities took this threat.  You had Nampa Police, the FBI, ATF, and the National Guard mobilizing along with paramedics, Nampa Fire, and a HazMat team.  Authorities have a ton of evidence against Stevenson including a past littered with lots of bombing threats to schools in Boise, Caldwell, Nampa, Kuna, and Twin Falls.  His phone connects him with all sorts of searches for pipe bombs, suitcase bombs, and car bombs.

Bail has been set for $2 million.  If, for some reason, Stevenson is able to make bail, he'll have to wear a GPS monitor until his next court date on March 21, 2019.  Stevenson is facing a possible life sentence.

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