Change, change, change. It is the story of the times in which we're living. Nothing is normal right now and even with Governor Brad Little saying we're on the path to re-opening Idaho, "normal" isn't in a hurry back-- and it may never be the same once it's here.

Lots of businesses, due to the coronavirus, are changing the way that they operate. Many are finding that there ARE other ways to survive, no matter the cost. One of the industries hit the hardest by all of this? The airline industry.

I've seen plenty of memes around the internet suggesting that these airlines use all of those extra fees they've been charging us for years to survive. To be honest...I get that. Why so much for a parcel of luggage, Delta!?

One cut back being announced by Delta Airlines impacts our own state.

Many airlines are dialing back how many flights they're taking a day or how many airports they are going into. Delta has now announced they're looking to suspend flights in and out of the Pocatello airport. Full disclosure, I had no idea this was even a thing? Pocatello is actually the only airport in the west being suspended. The suspension isn't active yet, but it's something to expect in the near future.

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