I was driving home from the office late the other night and as I got into the residential area, I noticed that someone was burning a pretty big pile of who-knows-what in their back yard. The flames were massive and I thought to myself...why do this!?  Controlled burns are certainly a thing and now, the Department of Environmental Quality is asking that the public PLEASE refrain from those.

In conjunction with the Idaho Department of Lands and Idaho Department of Health and Welfars, the DEQ is saying folks-- don't burn during this COVID-19 outbreak.

The coronavirus affects the respiratory system, can cause asthma attacks and cal lead to all sorts of lung distress. That said, those with asthma triggers are needing to be AWAY from this smoke caused by open burning. The smoke brings about unnecessary health and safety concerns during this time when a global health pandemic is the front and center concern for our society. If nothing else, should one of these open burns get out of control--first responders and health professionals would be forced to stretch thin.

Alternatives to burning include lawn mulching, composting, using landfills, chipping, and curbside trash pickup.

For more, check out the statement from the DEQ HERE.



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