Pictured above is the Table Rock Fire which took place several summers ago now.  Boise residents and members of our greater community remember this fire well--as it blazed through one of the Treasure Valley's most iconic areas and the flames were so close to town, and to homes, it was terrifying. The fire, caused by fireworks, was eventually investigated and one young adult was held responsible.

News breaking this afternoon might sound a little too crazy to be true, but it also feels a little too coincidental to be overlooked. The Ada County Sheriff's Office is investigating a total of NINE fires that started in the Boise area overnight.

Just days ago, insane news that arson at a local church took place. Originally shared by the Ada County Sheriff's Office, a 22-year-old Boise man, Joshua Blair, was brought into custody on first degree arson charges surrounding the fire. Even though fire crews responded quickly, the Boise church was not left without significant fire damage.

Who tries to burn down a church?

Interest in potential arson is now rising again from the Ada County Sheriff's Office-- this time, it's all about a series of fires that popped up around the Boise area in one single night.

While the investigation is just beginning, the Ada County Sheriff's Office told a local news outlet that the locations of these fires, their times of ignition, and some "other information gathered" lead officials to believe there is a chance that these were began purposefully.

If you or someone you know has any information, please contact your local authorities and you can remain anonymous.

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