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It's real out here in the streaming world yo! Disney just put Netflix on notice and said, "You need us - we don't need you." That's really just my quote but it's pretty accurate. Disney just launched a brand new service that will rival the popular streaming service that coined the term, "Netflix and Chill."

Let's not rush to judgment because Netflix isn't going anywhere. However, I would be shocked if their streaming numbers don't dip. I downloaded Disney+ last night and this could be a parent's dream.

This is what you get under one umbrella

  • The Walt Disney Studios
  • Twentieth Century Fox
  • Marvel Studios
  • Pixar
  • Lucasfilm
  • National Geographic
  • More to come.

What's that mean? Well, it's EVERYTHING Disney says this about the new service in a tweet back in April.

I downloaded this last night and my wife text me first this morning.

Wifey Text

This probably doesn't mean a ton to someone without kids right? Wrong. It looks like Disney is rolling our packages that include services like HULU and ESPN. Disney isn't just trying to tackle those audiences but with this service you get original content like a new friggin' Star Wars Series, "The Mandalorian". I saw that during Monday Night Football and had no idea. It's obvious I'm a Star Wars fan.

Need more? The streaming service is $6.99 with a 7-day trial AND you get for devices to use. Looks like Netflix could be in trouble but we'll see. Until then...

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