Word on the street is that Disneyland will soon be serving alcohol after 63 long, dry years. The intention of keeping Disneyland alcohol free has always been to encourage the family environment Disney is known for. But with a new ‘Star Wars’ themed section of the park, a spokeswoman for Disney stated this is an opportunity they couldn’t pass up in order to provide a more all-inclusive Star Wars experience. True to the Star Wars story we’ve read about in books and seen on our TV screens, visitors at Disney Land and Disney World parks will now have the chance to set foot inside the well known “Oga’s Cantina” themselves.  Plans for the Oga’s Cantina in 2019 have already begun, where they will offer alcoholic beverages created with “otherworldly” methods in unique cups. With that being said, Disney has already stated that all alcoholic beverages may only be consumed inside the cantina. And I would imagine a family friendly destination like Disney will keep a tight rope on its bartenders to ensure no one is overserved. I think keeping the alcohol confined to the cantina is a great idea to help regulate this new change inside the Disney park, but will also offer adults a spot to relax.

Inspiration from this story from E News

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