DNCE sends some humor to Kekeluv from across the country. Keke has been in the hospital with son Lennox who is battle internal issues. How much could we ACTUALLY show?

I can say that we played DNCE's "Cake by the Ocean" almost more than ANYONE in the country. Brother NIck Jonas performing at last year's Boise Music Festival would of been a perfect segue to Joe Jonas this year. It didn't happen, but you never know when anything could surprise you.

DNCE (Joe Jonas new band) told Kekeluv to clean up his act, sent a toothbrush (name of new single - clever) and...we had to cut 3:09 out of the video. Let's just say we "G-Rated". Check out their message to Kekeluv and the new video for the second single, "Toothbrush."

Video of DNCE's next single and called, "Toothbrush."

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