To say that I'm a car guy is definitely a understatement. I've owned well over 50 cars along the way, At the moment I only own 5 however, I couldn't tell you which one is my favorite is. As far as I'm concerned car's are much like people in that they all have different personalities. The interesting thing is that the owners reflect the attitudes of the vehicles vibe. You might be thinking... "Mikey has lost his mind"... before you judge me think about this for a minute. If you've ever met someone who drives an old VW bus, that person was kinda chill and had hippie vibes in one way or another. If you met a person that drove a lifted truck there was a whole lot of "Dude" or " I'll tell you what" being thrown around. Then there is the "Jeep" crowd or better stated, the Jeep community. They have their own wave, they always stop to check on another Jeep on the side of the road and for the most part they love the outdoors.

To my very pleasant surprise last night I discovered another Jeep thing. As I was walking up to the KISS-FM vehicle I noticed something pink in the door handle. It turns out it was a pink rubber duck with a note that read " Roses are red, My jeep is pink, You've been ducked! Now what do you think? I hope this duck brings a smile to your face". On the back of the printed note the Jeep owner wrote " This is usually a Jeep thing but I couldn't resist". I own a Jeep and this made my day not because it's a Jeep thing but because it's a people thing. Pinky the Jeep, thanks for putting a smile on my face. If anyone know this person, tell them I would love to talk to them on the radio.

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