MMMMM. Bacon. The sizzling goodness that brings smiles to faces on Saturday and Sunday mornings all around the United States. If you are lucky maybe even on weekdays, and maybe not even in the morning. Growing up my mom was a total health nut so I never got bacon at home but I would get it at my grandmas house when I spent the night. She knew I was deprived so would cook a ton until I got my fill. In adulthood I was able to explore my bacon cravings a bit more, thank goodness.

If you love bacon and need to let your taste buds explore more you must check out BACON in downtown Boise. Scroll to check out the inside and out and the menu with some amazing food and drink options. This place really is worth a visit weather you have visitors or live here and have not tried it yet.

The Best Bacon in Boise is at BACON

There is an amazing restaurant and bar in downtown Boise called BACON, that is everything you could want for Breakfast, Brunch or Lunch and more. A must try :)

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