Alright, it's time, to be honest, it's time to be Ida-honest. Boise is a dog city. It boasts the most (and some of the nicest) dog parks in the country per capita. But do Boise dog owners follow the rules (and the law) and clean up after their dogs?

This is nothing to wag your tail at. In just a quick walk around my apartment complex, I found over 10 "incidences" that hadn't been cleaned up. At Camelbacks Park today twice I saw dog's doing the damn thing and the owners not cleaning it up.

In case you were wondering, city code does state:

Owners are required to remove fecal matter deposited by their pets (BCC 13-03-06).

I was one of those people who think the law didn't apply to me and my dog Bella. More than once I was confronted about not cleaning up after her. But today I'm a changed man.


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