We all know a Chick-Fil-A restaurant has scary good chicken sandwiches. But could a ghost be haunting the Chick-Fil-A off of Broadway? I came across a Reddit post from the user austinausy8 who claims he had an unusual run-in with a ghost.

Today I was at chick fil a (Broadway) eating some food, and a chair fell over but there wasn't anyone in the area, and one of the workers says omg it's the ghost of Wilkerson's past.

The post goes on the say that the ghost is a kid from East Jr High, a school that was there before the restaurant was built. Wilkerson died from falling down the stairs and now haunts the Chick-Fil-A to this day.

Pretty spooky huh? I was curious as to whether or not this story was real, so I called the restaurant and spoke to an employee named Alicia. When I asked about the ghost, she paused then giggled. While she couldn't confirm the ghost story but she said "Wilkerson" was an ex-employee and is very much alive. So it looks like this story is false.

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