Picture it.

You're exploring downtown Boise, Idaho with some friends when suddenly, the urge hits you: You have to pee, and you have to pee right now.

But what do you do when the line for every bar and restaurant downtown is too long for you to even get it?

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Places Your Bathroom Needs Cleaning

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Back to the question. What do you do if you gotta use the bathroom, but there's nowhere to go? And downtown businesses aren't open 24 hours a day.

Would it make sense for Boise city officials to place Port-O-Potties on street corners around downtown Boise? Well, people do need a place to go to the bathroom when they're out in public, and if you can't get into a bar or restaurant to use their bathroom...

Honestly though, what's the solution? Would you be ok with Port-O-Potties popping up downtown in the near future? Would it be a a good solution to locals and visitors, or more of a hassle and an eyesore? You tell us.


Maybe Port-O-Potties give you the ick. Maybe using a bathroom in a public space makes you feel all sorts of yucks.

We get it.

Maybe this fancy, one-of-a-kind all-pink bathroom is more up your alley. No one else waiting in line, no one pounding on the door, no birds chirping in the tree three feet from the Port-O-Potty. It's basically a dream come true if you're someone who on occasion finds themself going #1 or #2.

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