In case you didn't already know this, Thursday, August 26th is National Dog Day. Yes--an entire nation will be celebrating dogs--although Instagram seems to be a daily reminder that really, every day is dog day.

Feel like smiling? These Boise dogs drinking some "Pup Ale" are sure to make it happen: 

Boise Dogs Love Beer Too

Check out these adorable Boise dogs enjoying some puppy brews!

I say this often and truly believe that it is true: nobody loves dogs quite like the City of Boise. What could rival the love for dogs in this city? How about craft beer. That's about it, really. What if we told you it's all happening at the same time?

If you can relate, then National Dog Day at this Boise pub is really going to excite you, because there's a little something for everyone going on this coming Thursday, August 26th.

10 Barrel Brewing has launched a very special ale--one for the dogs! God Sit Pip Ale is a glucosamine enriched malt drink--of course, there's no alcohol in the "beer", and it's actually great for your doggos and their joint health. The Pup Ale is safe on the tummy, too.

Here in Boise, proceeds from the Good Sit Pup Ale go to the Meridian Canine Rescue--a great local animal shelter.

While the Good Sit Ale is available for purchase, on National Dog Day, the pups drink for free! Roll up to 10 Barrel in Downtown Boise on Bannock and just have your dog belly up at the bar because the beer is free!


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