Dogs and their owners have a special bond, but can your dog tell if you're cheating on your partner?

A dog behaviorist claims that your pup may be able to tell if you're having an affair simply by clocking changes in your body language.

According to Anna Webb, who teamed up with dating site IllicitEncounters, although dogs don't understand the concept of an affair, they can tell where you've been, who you've been with and what you've been up to by the way you smell.

"Your dog certainly knows where you have been. Their sense of smell is their superpower! When a new scent is sniffed, they will remember it, especially when it's correlated with the owner's mood. Does this scent mean my human is happy, sad, stressed out or anxious?" Webb shared, according to The Mirror.

According to The Mirror, a U.K. woman named Jess, who has been having an affair for three months via IllicitEncounters, was shocked when her Cocker Spaniel's behavior changed after she began cheating, making her concerned that her partner might find out she's been unfaithful.

"Since I’ve started seeing my new lover — who he’s never met — his behavior has changed and I’m petrified my husband's going to notice," Jess said, according to the British tabloid.

"My dog used to greet me at the door but now he gives me one look and runs off. He’s become submissive around me. He’s started pining my husband for attention over me. He even barked at me one time I walked through the door," she continued.

The change in the dog's behavior makes perfect sense to Webb.

"The fact that Jess is the main carer is significant as a change in routine will unsettle a dog," Webb explained. "This combined with the ‘scent’ of the new person imprinted on her clothes, etc., will be signaling to the Cocker that this scent is the reason for the change in the dog ’s routine ... Plus, there’s the pack element to consider, dogs are social pack animals and stick together."

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