It's no big deal if real Christmas trees go up in price this year, right? It's not like our economy is in the pooper, or housing costs are through the roof, or gas prices are still being a Karen. The list goes on, and on, and on.

So, yes it's a big deal that folks in Boise are going to be paying double for Christmas trees in their homes in 2022 compared to a decade ago.

Why? How are trees that come from actual nature going up in price? Sadly, the same reason pretty much everything else has gotten more expensive. Due to weather incidents and supply issues, the available supply of real Christmas trees has gone down, demand has gone up, and you can see how this story ends.

While prices will vary depending on where you look, and the size of the tree, you'll be on average paying around two times what you did for a tree of comparable size in 2012.

Who do we blame? Mother nature? Whatever politician we don't like right now? Britney Spears' dad? We can finger point all we want, but the truth remains:

Them Christmas tree prices are too damn high!

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