Dogs are beyond special creatures. The right dogs that are properly cared for and trained can be quite impressive. In Idaho we are home to some dogs who are more than a pet, they have a job to do. Meet some of the incredible 'Dogs on Duty' in Idaho that work in various fields to help their human counterparts.

First these cuties who work with the Bureau of Land Management's Idaho division. . .

This next pup Newton is extra special as he is Idaho's only tech detecting dog. According to KTVB, "Newton is trained to detect triphenylphosphine oxide; it's a chemical used in the manufacturing process for digital storage devices like cell phones, hard drives, USB sticks, and more.  Det. Cpl. Freeman confirms Newton's primary function is to assist in search warrant efforts to find digital evidence related to child exploitation and pornography; however, Newton will be used in other major crime investigations that have a digital nexus."

Newton tech dog, KTVB Youtube
Newton tech dog, KTVB Youtube

Idaho State Police have dogs around the state including:

This is Mako with the Caldwell Police Department

This is Arlo another proud pup member of the Caldwell Police Department

Nearby in Nampa this is Stryker with the Nampa Police Department:

Also with the Nampa Police Department is Huck:

The Boise Police Department has quite a few K-9 dogs on call, they may be cute looking but they are serious about getting the job done.

Meet the K-9 Unit of BPD

These are some good doggos

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Bargain Books Boise, Where Daisy the Dog is the Star

I recently stumbled upon a great local bookstore! They have vintage books, comics, games and toys and an extensive selection of new and used books for any kind of reader. Another thing that makes this place so special is Daisey the dog. A sweet 12 year old pup who not only is the greeter but the star of the place. Each different section of books, features a photo of Daisey dressed up in a way that represents the genre.

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