I'm a proud Dollar Tree shopper so when I heard about their Memorial Day Promotion I was so stoked! 

...until one of my Facebook friends posted that it was a scam. Melissa R. is one of the Freight Managers for Dollar Tree in the Treasure Valley and posted "It has started again!!!! If you see an online coupon saying $100 coupon from Dollar Tree for Memorial Day, it is a SCAM!!!! Dollar Tree doesn't have our own online coupons.  We only accept manufacturer coupons.  Please do not fall for this. Thank you!!!" 

The coupon in question has been spreading through Facebook and the users click on it, they're asked to fill out a survey. That doesn't seem too sketch to me.  I fill those out to get free Tavern Bites at Old Chicago all the time. The difference is, I'm getting the Old Chicago survey is located on a receipt I got in person, from the restaurant directly.

According to KHOU, surveys like this attached to Facebook coupon are actually a "phasing" tool used by hackers.  They'll set up a pretty legit looking website to trick you into filling in your personal information so they can steal it.

Other than Melissa confirming it's a fake for us, another major red flag that this coupon was too good to be true?  There's no mention of the promotion on the store's Facebook or Twitter accounts.  I stopped at the Milwaukee location on Saturday and there wasn't any mention of the promotion in store either.

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