Now that summer is here, thousands of us Idahoans will take benefit and enjoy one of the biggest natural resources Boise has to offer, floating the Boise River. Go to any big city and you'll soon see why having a resource such as our Boise river is so unique. It's so clean. You'd have to pay me to get into the river that runs through the middle of Portland. Unfortunately, with the number of people floating the Boise River on the increase, so is the amount of garbage finding it's way in and around the river.

If you floated the Boise River this past weekend or went for a jog along the Greenbelt this morning, you may have seen overflowing trash cans at the takeout in Ann Morrison Park and deflated rafts discarded by the river.
The trash is beginning to pile up and the Boise Parks and Recreation Department is urging river users to clean up after themselves.

It's really important that we take a second a clean up after ourselves. Here are some tips to help keep the river clean.

  • 1) Bring a small plastic trash or grocery bag with you on your float to keep wrappers, bottles, and cans in until you can find a city garbage can.
  • 2) Float with minimal trash. For example, Instead of bringing a 12 pack, fill a reusable bottle to drink from.
  • 3) Dispose of any unnecessary garbage before you float.
  • 4) Pick up trash if you see it. We know it's not your job to clean up after others but we're all in this together.

Our city's growing, and hopefully, with these simple tips and some TLC we can keep the Boise River clean for years to come.

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