It happens every single year and it seems that no matter how many reminders that there all all over town, on tv, on the radio, and in stores...people still forget mothers day! Go into any grocery store the day-of and there's a million people in the card isle grabbing a last minute card and some generic flowers for mom. This year, make sure that isn't you!

Our moms are tough--they gave us life and most of us are luck enough to say that worked their tails off to provide for us growing up. I look back to when I was a kid and remember how important school was for me, to my mom. She herself went to school to be able to get into a better job--why? To provide for ME. It wasn't about her. Nothing ever was. Fast forward 25-years and my mom put me through some of the best things in life simply because she saw no other option. It's amazing.

One of my favorite "quotes" or clips, if you will is of Coach K of Duke Basketball. There's a video of him telling his as tough as your mothers. It's really powerful. You can check that out, below:

Later on this week I'll be posting up the best spots to take mom out on Sunday (or this weekend) and some cool gift ideas, too! But for now: DON'T. FORGET. MOTHER'S. DAY.

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