My co-host (Kat Fisher) was raving about a new service that's being offered in the area. I mean like, she wouldn't quit talking about this ride-share program.

Share the Ride Idaho is a brand new way to get around without driving. I remember sitting in a conference room when management said this new UBER service coming to Idaho would change the face of "the taxi".

I'm sure we can all agree that UBER and Lyft has changed everything. I got married right when UBER/Lyft was taking off so I missed that convenience. I've only used it a handful of times but now we change the game again.

Share the Ride Idaho is jumping in with a new carpool style service. You wanna head out to Portland? Aight, type it in and see what comes up. How about Winter Carnival in Mccall? Book a trip. Interested in a bike share to work? What about a Vanpool?

It looks like Share the Ride Idaho could be a thing sooner than later. The site is up and details are posted. Prices? That depends upon you. You negotiate prices with the group in your pool. This is very interesting and I've posted the link below.

More to come once this really takes off. Download the new APP or visit below for more.

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