One of Boise's best kept secrets is well known to those foodies who love a view, creep the best restaurants on Instagram, and have made their way into an unsuspecting downtown Boise office building.

Spend anytime in a major city and you'll come across rooftop pools, bars, lounges, nightclubs, and restaurants. In Boise, however there's really no-such thing.

Or is there? Spoiler alert: there is.

Zee's Rooftop Cafe is 9-stories up an office building in downtown Boise that you have probably driven by a million times. Little do most know that the best lunch view in the city is one quick elevator ride away.

Maybe you've totally slipped up on making plans for Valentine's plans, you haven't been able to find anything 'special enough" or you just want to try something different. This unique date night might be exactly what you're looking for.

For $100, you and your valentine will receive an exclusive 3-course dinner prepared by Boise's own award-winning Chef Zee. The three course meal, served at dinner time, will be inside of the top-story penthouse with the City of Boise's finest views.  Not only will the setting be just right--but it's also an exclusive look at the sunset, as Zee's Rooftop is very rarely open during the evening. You will be among a select few to ever experience dinner at this romantic overlook.

The Valentine's fun doesn't stop there-- as Zee's Rooftop has teamed up with downtown Boise's "Spacebar"!

Whether you go before or after dinner--a special token package will be waiting for you BELOW the streets of downtown Boise, at Spacebar, which will also include matching t-shirts and some drink tickets!

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