Just last week I discovered a new spot in downtown Boise and after going BACK today to verify just how good this place is, I've decided that yes-- it's one of the best spots in Boise.

Fresh Healthy Cafe is located right in Bo-Do (860 W. Broad Street, Boise Idaho) and offers a little something for everyone. From smoothies to fresh pressed juices-- wraps to protein bowls. If you're looking for a healthy and clean alternative to grub at-- this is your place.

I had to grab a picture of the wrap I ordered (check it out above) because it looked SO GOOD. When you're eating clean (or trying to at least), it's difficult to find something that isn't bogged down with sauces and oils and things that are fried. This wrap can only be described as "clean". No heavy sauce, all the veggies were fresh...this place (and lunch) was the real deal. I ever got a chilled juice that was fresh oranges, ginger, and carrots--and it was DELICIOUS.

If you work in the downtown Boise area, they even deliver!

For more from Fresh Healthy Cafe-- a place I'll definitely be going back to--click HERE!

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