We know that folks in the Treasure Valley love their pets--you could say that all in all, residents of the Boise metro are "dog people".  When there's a cause, Boise residents always rise to the occasion.

Well, there's a very adorable cause going on right now.

The Idaho Humane Society does great work all year, helping pets get the care that they need and most often helping pets find their rightful homes or their new forever homes. It's admirable work that takes a group like the Idaho Humane Society and an animal loving community like ours.

A brand new group of adorable dogs have been placed into the care of the Idaho Humane Society and hopefully, they'll be in loving homes soon as they're fresh off of an airplane!

Let's take a look at the scene which took place at the Boise Airport!

A Look at Idaho Humane Society's Newest Doggos

They were flown in from Louisiana in a life saving mission!

These dogs are adorable and after a long flight from Louisiana, it's time they find fun, loving, forever homes here in the Treasure Valley

So where did this plane of dogs come from? According to Idaho Humane Society social posts, the dogs came from Louisiana. A group called Greater Good Charities provided the flight to Boise which transported these dogs.

According to Greater Good Charities, the program is called "Good Flights":


Good Flights is a program of Greater Good Charities that conducts life-saving airlifts and supports ground transport for some of the country’s most at-risk pet populations (including asymptomatic heartworm positive dogs, homeless cats, and harder to place large dogs). Good Flights also helps clear space in shelters and evacuate pets in times of disaster. This year, Good Flights will save thousands of at-risk shelter pets including hundreds of asymptomatic heartworm positive dogs.

We admire this hard work and generosity! Check out the video below!





See the dogs you could adopt from the Idaho Humane Society, HERE

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