Hanukkah starts this week and while we all know a bunch of Jewish actors like Sara Michelle Gellar, Jack Back, Goldie Hawn, Scarlett Johansson, Shia Le Beouf and  Ashley Tisdale, the first time I heard Drake was Jewish I was shocked. Why? I don't know I guess I never thought about it but that made me wonder which other artist are Jewish. After doing some research I came up with a list of 3 artist besides Drake that you didn't know where Jewish compliments of timeout.com.


"While many jumped on the Drake bandwagon when he started his music and rap career, for some, he will always be Jimmy from Degrassi: The Next Generation. His voice plays constantly on the radio’s top 40 list, including hits like ""Started From the Bottom" and his "Work" collaboration with Rihanna."

Adam Levine

"Maroon 5 would be nothing without lead vocalist Adam Levine. As a part of the American pop rock band, the singer-songwriter-instrumentalist has won three Grammy Awards, two American Music Awards, two Billboard Music Awards, a MTV Video Music Award and a World Music Award."

Lenny Kravitz

"Kravitz has covered all the musical bases bringing elements of rock, soul, R&B, funk, jazz, reggae, pop and folk together in his compositions. On top of being an amazing vocalist, he is also an instrumentalist (and actor) so his four Grammy Awards come as no surprise."


"Alecia Beth Moore, known as 'Pink' in the public realm, made her fame after signing a first record label with original R&B girl group Choice. Her debut solo album went platinum in the U.S. and she gained more fame with hits like "Lady Marmalade", which won her a Grammy. Her second studio album Missundaztood sold more than 15 million copies worldwide."



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